6 Ways To Be Kind To The Environment This Christmas

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Want to be environmentally conscious this Christmas but don't know where to start?

We have few SUPER easy tips, and recommendations to help you begin!

Number 1: Think! Don’t give junk!

This might sound basic, or even a little insulting, but it is the number one easiest way you can make an environmental difference this Christmas. Avoid waste by getting gifts people actually want.

Are you bulk-buying gifts for office mates, teachers, or extended family? Two of our favorites for this year are:

Eco bags/totes: We got ours from @kulturafilipino for around 100 pesos each, though there are a ton of options out there, many of which can be customized.

Reusable essentials: Keep cups, tumblers, cutlery, and reusable straws make great gifts. We picked up stainless steel straw sets from @batutsstainlessstrawsph. These guys have some super affordable, fun, and customizable options!


This one is so great we had to say it 3 times!

Do you have things you no longer use but know would spark joy Marie Kondo style for someone you love? If the answer is yes, then give it to them! For example:

Books with a handwritten note: Pop a ribbon around books you know will be loved, along with a note explaining why you’re passing it on. Let your recipient know you hope the book brings them as much joy/inspiration/fun as it did you.

Dress up boxes: Put your underused fashion items to work and fuel creativity in the kids you love! Dresses, jackets, ties, hats, gloves, scarfs, bags, wallets, jewelry and shoes are the bedrocks of a great dress up box! The wackier and more outdated the items the better!

Pro tip: While you’re perusing your home for up cycling gift options, make a donation pile! This year we will be donating our pre-loved books to @thebookstopph and toys to @philippinetoylibrary

Number 3: Time and Experiences

Time is irreplaceable and finite, so use it wisely! Think about the things you like to do with your loved ones, and dedicate time to doing those things this Christmas season.

This one is particularly great for kids! Rally your nieces and nephews, godchildren, and play mates for group activities. Make something together, plant a herb garden, or go to the movies. Whatever you’re into, the kids in your life will remember the fun time spent with you long after all the Christmas presents are packed away.

Number 4: BUY LOCAL

If you do decide to hit the shops to pick up your Christmas gifts then buying from local businesses often reduces the impact of packing and transporting goods, and is great for your local community. Here are some tips on how to find products local to you:

Hash tags! No matter where in the world you live jump on Instagram and search hash tags relevant to your location. For the Philippines we suggest #buylocalph #trylocalph and #madeinthephilippines as a starting point!

Markets and Pop Ups: Search for markets and pop us in your area. These events will often host small local producers, and you will likely find unique gift ideas you hadn’t considered! This year we will be spending our time at @trendsetterteam December 10 – 15 in Mega Trade Hall .

Pro tip: Some of our favorite local brands/places for shopping this year are;

@commonroomph – This is an awesome store housing locally produced products from earrings to stuffed animals. You will find something for everyone on your list in this little gem.

@minkleph - A local craft bazaar where you'll find some special gifts and tasty treats to boot!

@mylittlesmarts – These guys make an amazing adventure board game exploring the Philippines that the kids in your life will love!

Number 5: Skip the wrapping - Put your kids to work!

While beautiful, wrapping paper and gift bags are rarely good for the environment. Don’t contribute wrapping paper to landfill this year and consider these alternatives:

Let the wrapping BE the gift: Find locally made baskets or bags for your gifts! Beautifully crafted basketry looks amazing under any Christmas tree, and has the benefit of being functional after the excitement of unwrapping is over. Checkout the basketry items we have available here.

DIY Christmas paper: Roll out the recyclable craft paper, gather the Christmas colored paints, stamps, stickers, and let the kids loose! Who wouldn’t melt at gifts covered in hand and footprints of the children they love?

Pro tip: Host a Christmas craft-ernoon! Gather the cousins and let the kids loose, or open a bottle of wine with your girlfriends – Whatever your style, Christmas crafting together is a gift in itself.

Number 6: Give Charitably

Charitable giving is a great option, particularly for the people in your life who ‘have everything’. Don’t pull your hair out and end up panic buying for these folk – Make a donation in their name to a charity or cause you know they care about. In your card tell them why you chose that particular charity, and how their donation will be used.

There are a zillion more ideas and options for being kind to the environment – But we hope these few tips will help you get started!

Have your own suggestions? Leave us a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas!

Love Jodie & Melissa xoxo

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