Enchanted Cottage

Enchanted Cottage


Unplug and play in our thoughtfully designed Enchanted Cottage.


This timeless piece will keep kids engaged and bursting with creativity for hours on end; and is large enough that parents can join their kids in the magical world of make believe.


Each cottage is hand made from 100% recycled pallet wood, and built to the highest standards.

⭐️ Fosters role-play! 

The developmental benefits of role-play cannot be overstated. Role-play

encourages imagination and creativity – supports social and emotional

development – builds and strengthens communication skills – and

develops cognitive flexibility – oh and did we mention it is SUPER fun?


🔌 Unplugged 

Encourages children towards active, imaginative play. 


🌱 Environmentally mindful 

Plastic free and made from 100% recycled pallet wood, the Enchanted 

Cottage is kind to the environment