Mini Explorer

Mini Explorer


Our take on the traditional backpack! The Mini Explorer is the perfect kids statement piece, and introduction to the world of sustainable fashion.


Made from rattan and available in four colours, each Mini Explorer is hand woven with love, and delivered to you in our signature up cycled flour sack packaging.



🌱 Environmentally mindful

We do our best to make products that are kind to the environment, and are aways on the look out for ways to improve! 


🌏 Socially conscious 

Bring your kids into the sustainable fashion conversation!

Not only is the Mini Explorer made primarily from natural, environmentally kind materials, so is the packaging!


❤️ Gender neutral 

We don’t believe in boy bags and girl bags over here. The Mini Explorer was designed with all children in mind.


🦄 Unique 

Each Mini Exploer is woven by hand therefore no two will ever be the same!