Treasure Keeper

Treasure Keeper


Storage made beautiful.


Our Treasure Keepers are as functional as they are fashionable, and are a sustainable alternative to that plastic storage bin hidden in your closet or under the bed.


Each Treasure Keeper is meticulously hand woven and lined with durable, breathable, canvas, making them safe for storing even the most delicate items.


🌱 Environmentally mindful

We do our best to make products that are kind to the environment, and are aways on the look out for ways to improve! 


📦 Functional

Each Treasure Keeper can store a lot, and we mean A LOT!

The large size Treasure Keeper has approximately 221 liters capacity, and the small size 128 liters! 


🦄 Unique 

Each Treasure Keeper is woven and lined by hand therefore no two will ever be the same!


🙂 Versatile 

You can use these guys anywhere. The options really are endless!

From storing towels and bathroom items, spare linens or toys, the Treasure Keeper looks great in any room.