Wonder Cart

Wonder Cart


Gender Neutral ✨ Sustainable ✨ Beautiful ✨ Fun


We challenge you to think of a box our Wonder Cart does not tick!


Built for kids on the move, the Wonder Cart will keep up with even the busiest of bees, and will look great doing it.


Carefully hand woven and beautifully finished, the Wonder Cart hood is both removable and collapsible. A must have addition to every child’s play space.


🔌 Unplugged 

Encourages children towards active, imaginative play.


💪🏽 Physical Development 

The Wonder Cart will support your child’s developing motor skills. Whether its packing the cart full of goodies, removing the hood or pushing it around, the Wonder Cart will surely keep up!


⭐️ Fosters role-play!

The developmental benefits of role-play cannot be overstated.

Role-play encourages imagination and creativity – supports social and emotional development – builds and strengthens communication skills – and develops cognitive flexibility – oh and did we mention it is SUPER fun?


🌱 Environmentally mindful

We do our best to make products that are kind to the environment, and are always on the look out for ways to improve.


❤️ Gender neutral 

We don’t believe in boy toys and girl toys over here. The Wonder Cart was designed with all children in mind.


🦄 Unique 

Each Wonder Cart is woven by hand therefore no two will ever be the same!